The people have spoken! On March 7, 2020 the people of Alaska came together to celebrate our state’s craft and artisan industries. They were given the opportunity to participate in the democratic process and tell us who their favorite participants were. Their votes were counted, their voices were heard, and at 6:30pm the People’s Choice Awards were announced!


2020 People’s Choice for the Best Brewery

- Double Shovel Cider Co.

2020 People’s Choice for the Best Pour

              Gold Medal – Pineapple IPC by Double Shovel Cider Co

Silver Medal - No Woman No Cryo by Girdwood Brewing

Bronze Medal - Rhu Fram Sour by Turnagain Brewing 

Bronze Medal -  Scree Fest Spruce Tip IPA by Onsite Brewing 

Pretentious Judges' Award Winners - 2014 Russian Imperial Stout aged 5 years in Jim Beam Barrels by Glacier Brewhouse


Beer Czar's Choice - Barrel-aged Intrepid with Cocoa Nibs by 49th State Brewing


2020 People’s Choice for Best Pizza

Little Piggy with Hot Honey from Hearth Artisan Pizza

Connoisseur Session Best Pairing

El Green-Go's & Bleeding Heart Brewing

Smoked pork huevos rancheros tossed in a chocolate porter reduction, roasted poblanos brown rice and black beans, vegan nacho sauce pan fried quail egg, tomatillo sauce,  roasted jalapeno creme fraiche, white corn fresca, and cotija, paired with Grounds For Divorce Coffee Porter 

Tie for Bronze


The Brewer’s Belt – The award given to the best brewery in the state of Alaska deserves more than a trophy. It deserves more than a blue ribbon and a pat on the back. It deserves to be celebrated, displayed, and peacocked with “in your face” pride that taunts and invites challengers! It is a title, and like all titles, it must be defended! The winner of the Brewer’s Belt gets their name engraved on the belt and is allowed to take possession of the belt for display and public show. The title is chosen by the people, and each year, the reigning champion must return to defend their prestigious position as the greatest brewery in the state of Alaska!


The Gold Medal Tap Handle – Hand crafted by the Beer Czar himself, this award is given to the winner of the best beer at the festival and is meant to be an accolade for public display. The people decide who they believe had the highest quality drink at the festival, be it beer, cider, or wine.


The Gold Medal Pizza Peel – Another hand crafted award, this award is given to the restaurant who receives the most votes for the people’s favorite pizza at the beer festival. This is a celebration of Alaska’s artisan food, and what goes better with craft beer than artisan pizza?! The Gold Medal Pizza Peel, like every award we give out, is meant for public display, as a shining example of dedication to quality pie!